Business Interruption

When your business sustains any sort of damage, there is a potential for lost profits during the cleanup and rebuilding process. Business Interruption insurance is available as a supplement to property insurance policies to protect against the devastating losses incurred when closing your business for repairs. It can be difficult to get an insurance company to agree that the damage you sustained did in fact lead to a business interruption claim in the first place, let alone to get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

In the case of retail businesses, one of the most difficult things to work with in a business interruption claim is the seasonal difference in profits. For example, a clothing store that undergoes damage and is forced to close its doors during the holiday season is going to be in a much more precarious position financially than if the same closure had occurred during another time of the year. The insurance adjuster, however, will base his estimate on an average of annual profits, resulting in a figure that is far too low. A Public Adjuster will be able to fully assess the situation and present a clear, data driven counter-estimate, to see to it that your business receives the full benefits promised through your insurance policy.

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