Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are the second most prevalent source of water damage in terms of homes damaged and claims filed in the U.S., with only hurricanes ranking ahead of them. Frequently, home or business owners will go away on vacation and assume that setting the thermostat in the 40s is high enough to keep the pipes warm. In reality, the suggested minimum temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Failure to maintain heat is a common exclusion the insurance carrier will use to deny your claim. The Public’s Adjuster LLC can usually successfully get the insurance company to reverse their decision.

A single 1/8" crack in a pipe is capable of releasing up to 250 gallons of water in a single day. That much water is capable of doing some serious and extensive damage to your home or business, and not all of it will be immediately obvious, particularly amidst the shock of discovering the calamity. A public adjuster has experience with these situations, and will know exactly what to look for to determine the extent of the damage as well as any collateral problems that arise, such as damage to electrical circuitry and insulation. A public adjuster will also be able to file any related claims that arise due to the water damage caused by the burst pipe, such as a mold damage claim or a business interruption claim.

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